Firefox Mobile OS on the horizon now – A news I’ve been waiting to hear

Last year, I expressed my unconcealed joy to my colleagues when Mozilla announced their Mobile OS was on its way. Many felt I must be mad at revelling on the news and questioned if it’s such a good news for the market to see yet another OS in Mobile space, as if Android, iOS, along with RIM’s and Microsoft’s not being enough variety.

I am a heavy user of Mozilla’s Firefox browser and besides performance being superb, I quite like the fact that here’s an organisation that has made this possible without any ‘shareholder’s wealth’, ‘quarterly profits’ and other pressing demands to address !

Like Oxygen, Water, a terra firma to prod on etc some of life’s essentials (of course, this keeps changing!) should be either freely available or at a reasonable cost with no further strings attached. One pays water bill without having to worry about whether or not my water consumption is being measured hour by hour and if some unknown party sat in another part of the globe would be betting on whether I flushed it twice every morning at 06:58 or 07:02 🙂  Things like Internet, Mobile being smart to get many things done on the move are indeed so essential that they be regarded as ‘utilities’ such as gas, electricity OR be available for free such as tap water in a pub. The idea that it will be clandestinely free while holding perilous amount of user data in some server and regard each user as a pawn in a Matrix like make-believe reality should scare the sh*t out of us all.

I long for the day when devices are available to buy for their HW specs in any given PC/Electronic shop, varying by the potential user requirements – AMOLED based, LCD based, single/dual/quad-core, 1/2 GB RAM, Screen size 2.7 – 4.8″ and all the other paraphernalia. People should buy any device as per their preference or budget and then  download/install Firefox OS, Android, Microsoft or whatever OS (webOS from HP led open source movement). Of course, this isn’t such a bad idea other than for device manufacturers since their differentiation will purely be down to HW specs and how well they have managed to perform with those OS in question.

Apple will of course, stand grandly isolated, making hay while the sun shines and till such time their doggedly loyal fan base dishes out premia they demand.

Despite the brouhaha about Apps, and the boringly masculine conversations on size of Marketplace, fact remains that most users – in developed or developing countries alike -benefit from handful of core functions in a smartphone. Good email client, a fast browser, a dependable voice guided GPS, good speakers, quality camera, open/latest connectivity options (Bluetooth 4.0, DLNA, WiFi hotspot) etc. Then, of course, some basic Apps for the usual high volume social Apps such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Games will follow where money is.

I, for one, will happily attempt porting Firefox Mobile OS on to my Android flagship phone if that’s allowed for and am quite happy to compromise on certain functionality being compromised than let my buttery, silky OS experience channel all info into some character analysing servers, whether or not I have anything to hide !

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