Samsung Galaxy S3

Well, the much awaited phone is out in public domain, for dissection of specs, reviews, arguments, bragging, counter views, mudslinging or whatever !

Love it or loathe it, but Samsung has pretty much upped the ante with its much awaited sequel to the rabidly popular S2. For one, Samsung has at least avoided the Apple style (iPad instead of iPad 3) confusion by calling it as, well.. rather straightforwardly, S3 !

I haven’t had the good fortune to touch it as yet. Perhaps only a countable few have, so far ! But, instead of regurgitating what most tech sites will shred to pieces, let me offer, in my limited way, a few points I feel excited about.

[1]  AMOLED vs LCD – Those who have fallen in love with the charm of AMOLED displays since the days of Nexus One/ HTC Desire, for their higher colour saturation, deeper blacks etc will always have a soft corner for that as opposed to the LCD blandness of initial round of iPhones or HTC Desire HD or myriad other Androids that came to use LCD due to short supply of AMOLED panels in the hardware market. Well, Apple tends to focus on other niceties (such as more pixels per inch) to make theirs attractive and anyway they would rather want a iPhone lover to also be an owner of iPad to consume content such as Videos, rich PDF reading etc. on tablet. For Android aficionados, given that a lot of content is viewed on phone itself, AMOLED makes a huge difference, in my view. One of the early days’ disadvantages of AMOLED – of being washed out under direct sunlight – was overcome by Samsung successfully with its ‘Super’ AMOLED technology, innovated directly by Samsung engineers. Ever since, it’s been advancing one step per model, to put in a simplistic way. Galaxy Nexus was great but did so with Pen Tile display than the so-called RGB. S3 raises the bar with HD AMOLED technology – bringing the natural benefits of AMOLED without losing on crisp display.

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