Traffic Free Cycle Routes in UK – a few ideas from personal experience

I am one of those who’d prefer to take bike on car or train, even to far off places and cycle traffic-free to heart’s content than do it locally, jostling for space with cars, buses and white vans! Well, I do cycle on normal roads, but mainly to get to a nearby train station or when participating in events like London to Brighton BHF charity ride (when roads are made available !).

Well, I know opinions can vary on this approach as some may say this doesn’t bode well for environmental activism of small city rides to keep cars at bay ! Well, I would have preferred to do that too, if only we had the fortune of being in country like Netherlands, with cycle lanes on almost all commutable roads !

If you are like me and have been exploring options for traffic free routes in the UK, here are a few ideas. In a nutshell, Wales is wonderful ! In parts around London, the towpath route abutting Grand Union Canal provide some succour, but nothing compares with what we’ve got in Wales. At least, that’s my view !

The route maps mentioned below are based on MyTracks App from google, thanks to my Android phone ! There may be some parts involving intersection with Roads or towards the end, to cycle some parts on road, to reach the nearby rail station.

Utmost care must be exercised in following these, which can, at best be taken as supplementary source of information and not as a substitute for proper Ordnance Maps or better maps from other specialist bodies that may make them available with updated and more accurate coordinates.

Kidwelly Rail Station to Llanelli Millennium Coastal Park
~ 17 miles, each way

Llanelli to Gowerton Rail Station ~ 10 miles, each way

Llanelli to Cross Hands ~ 13.5 miles, each way

Reading – Newbury ~ 20 miles, each way

Denham to Rickmasworth ~ 7 miles, each way

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