Taking in beautiful Somerset landscape, cycling..

For me, bank holiday Monday (May 30) wasn’t as much of a washout after all ! Using pre booked train tickets, instead of chucking them on dismal weather, I did proceed to Somerset and am really glad I did. It was a great day of biking on National Cycle Route 24 – from Frome to Bath ! Excellent scenery in undulating landscape – a great variety in foliage, sudden occurrences of ponies and horses, quaint old buildings set in idyllic, enticing backdrop of misty, verdant green slopes of hills, translucent smoke billowing from chimneys of many a kitchen .. wow.. God bless this emerald landscape stay just the way it is.

As for the cycling itself, unlike those in Wales (Route 4, 47 etc), this isn’t signposted all that well. However, even where a cyclist may go astray for a while, unless bound by time pressure to board a specific train back to your place, it would only feel like time well lost indeed !

Following are the official links on Route 24; try to get hold of Ordnance Maps to plot this accurately or be prepared for getting a bit lost, in a pleasurable way though !



For exploring this particular cycle route, I’d recommend you to take a train to Frome. Trains usually leave from/via Bristol Temple Meads, though you may board at Bath spa as well. Once you come out of Frome station, you can cycle all the way up to Bath spa. Don’t go by Sustrans official estimate of 2 hr 21 min. The route consists of a few steep climbs and it could easily take about 3 hrs 15 min. If you include a stopover at one of those good pubs en route, for a deserved ‘reward’ meal, add another 45 min at least. I recommend The Bells (http://www.bellatbuckland.co.uk/food/index.php) – the quality food is excellent, staff are friendly and the price .. err..a little bit on the higher side, but still offering good value for money. Weekends tend to get busy there and take care to order only items you don’t have to wait for long !

Here are some pictures shot with my Samsung Galaxy S II.

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