Beautiful Black Actresses/ Models/ Athletes

The word Black is not used in any racist or sense here. In  UK, we celebrate Black History Month and there are no other words resorted to, unlike in America.

Here is a list of black actresses, models, athletes or I have admired for beauty, intelligence, talent and/or charismatic screen presence. Mouse over the images for their names.

The purpose of this post is simple. It’s not to create a photo bank for downloads! A simple google image search on a name will do that. In general social conversations on beauty, skin tone, media stereotypes and allied topics, recalling names of beautiful black ladies in media often stops at names like Beyonce Knowles, Naomi Campbell & (of late) Tyra Banks. I just thought of adding a few more names that I personally admire, as a memory jogger and to help others quote them as well, in conversations.

Nigerian Athlete

100m finalist in London 2012 Olympics

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One Response to Beautiful Black Actresses/ Models/ Athletes

  1. Give them names for easy identification

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