Remembering sacrifices

Time of the year to express solidarity with soldiers who sacrifice so much on our behalf. This year’s poppy appeal goes well beyond the WWI Remembrance day. As mentioned in the official website, …”Our emphasis this year is the need to help the Afghan generation of the Armed Forces and their families – today and for the rest of their lives.”

While browsing through the Poppy table (dedicated to WWI books, Poppy appeal and other memorablia) in local library, the following poem in an anthology caught my attention. Very Poignant and a sad reminder of how dark wars were, and still are.

From Albert to Bapaume

Lonely and bare and dasolate,
Streches of muddy filtered green,
A silence half articulate
Of all that those dumb eyes have seen.

A battered trench, a tree with boughs
Sumtted and black and with smoke and fire,
A solitary ruined house,
A crumpled mass of rusty wire.

And scarlet by each ragged fen
Long scattered ranks of poppies lay,
As though the blood of the dead men
Had not been wholly washed away.


Alec Waugh
[8 July 1898 – 3 September 1981]

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